7 Tips for the Consumer During the COVID-19 Pandemic

These are uncertain times. Across California, New York, Washington, Illinois and an increasing number of other states, small businesses are being forced to close their doors. Small and local businesses typically rely on month-to-month revenue to sustain business, and unlike major retailers they generally don’t have high cash reserves.

This can be devastating to small businesses, especially those that depend on in-person foot traffic for their revenue. We can be a part of the solution, so we’re highlighting here tips for the consumer to help those small and local businesses stay afloat.

1. Order Takeout or Delivery 

Eat local. Several businesses have adjusted their hours, some of which are even increasing their availability. Remember that time you said all you wanted to do was get takeout and sit on the couch watching Netflix but you live in sunny Southern California? Now’s your chance to enjoy that tasty BBQ, fancy Indian curry, artisan pizza — without all the guilt of staying inside.

Smokin’ J’s BBQ is now open 6 days a week! Order online, full menu available for takeout and delivery.

2. Buy Gift Cards

Buy now, use later. While you can’t visit every local business, you’re going to want to later. When you buy a gift card from your favorite shop, those businesses can record some revenue now, and you have something to look forward to later on.

Purchase a gift card for Ocean Retreat Nail Spa using this link or call 858-668-7278.

3. Shop Local Online

Many businesses have online stores or are transitioning to do so. Before opting for that 2-Day Prime shipping, consider shopping from a local retailer because when you buy from someone in your community, you’re helping to keep people in their jobs.

Shop the latest in women’s fashion at Girl’s Fashionably Late!

4. Shout-Out Your Favorite Local Businesses on Social Media

At the moment, people are on their phones more than usual. Now is a great time to give local businesses a shoutout on social media — like that dessert Instagram that you drool over in your spare time, or that cool plant shop you always screenshot for inspiration later. Sharing is caring.

Follow @natsweets on Instagram to see all their amazing desserts. Now offering DIY cookie kits.

5. Reschedule Instead of Cancelling Appointments

Remember that haircut you had scheduled that you just kept putting off and waited to book, and now you’re quarantined for the foreseeable future? Well, you’re still going to need that haircut later. Instead of cancelling those spa and other appointments, simply reschedule.

Schedule your future appointment at Hair’s the Place by calling 760-727-1816.

6. Participate in Your Favorite Workout Classes Online, Donation Basis

In these uncertain times, it’s important to keep healthy. Did you know that some of your go-to workout studios are streaming classes online? Some of which provide ways to donate to that instructor or studio through a pay link. Namaste. 

Follow @PowayPilatesFitness on Facebook, going live Monday, Wednesday, Friday!

7. Practice Patience

Many businesses are working overtime with reduced capacity. With this in mind, practice patience when experiencing longer than usual wait times. Remember that your favorite café is working hard to stay open and serve your local community.

All Barons Market stores are open exclusively for customers 65 and up from 9:00 to 10:00 AM daily. Regular store hours are now 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Emily Bane is the Marketing Coordinator at Intersection, providing strategic marketing expertise to support business objectives across company divisions. Contact Emily at 619-819-8725 or ebane@intersectioncre.com