Intersection is proud to announce its new offering, R&M Services


An Essential part of Intersection’s real estate platform in providing a vertically integrated operation is the Repair and Maintenance (R&M) Services division. The R&M Services division offers facilities solutions beyond the ordinary. Delivering an array of services to Intersection’s portfolio of properties, in addition to servicing the greater San Diego area. 

The division ensures that tenant satisfaction, asset preservation, safety, and curb appeal are top priorities. Intersection’s R&M technicians collaborate with property managers, brokers, and owners alike to gain a better understanding of the client’s assets. Consequently, this relationship management leads to increased efficiency and reduced risk.

Intersection R&M technicians are exemplary of the company’s core values and always Driven by Integrity. The team maintains the highest level of professionalism and takes pride in the properties they service. 

Offerings range from more specialty services like flooring, lighting, and concrete treatment to turnover repair for vacant units including patching, painting, window treatment install. R&M Services also has the ability to operate for recurring services like gardening, inspection, vandalism repair, and day porter services. 

At Intersection, we look forward to being able to offer more solutions and expand these services to the relationships we are so proud to have built. 


For more information regarding repair and maintenance services with Intersection, please contact Elaine Wolgast at 619.314.7200