The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said: “The only thing constant is change”. At the Heritage Group, we have always embraced this philosophy. Recently, we determined that our identity was no longer in sync with the organization we have become. As such, we underwent an extensive rebranding process and the result of that process will be significant change.

New Name

We have changed the name of our company to Intersection. Intersection better reflects who we are as an organization and where we are going. It also reflects our unique competitive advantage: At Intersection, we are an extension of your real estate platform, with highly personalized service and informed strategic expertise. Through an exhaustive 10-month effort that included everything from industry and competitive analyses, internal/external assessments and process evaluations, Intersection was born.

Why rebranding your company? Why now?

About a year ago, our leadership team sat together to discuss how to continue to support evolving client expectations and what, ‘providing exceptional service to clients’, truly means. Our rebranding initiative started as plan to evaluate our organization and set goals for growth in the coming years. From there, it evolved into a larger-scale examination into our company, our industry and our competitors, all in an order to effectively support clients, and communicate our capabilities.

What will change?

How will I be affected? Outside of our new identity; name, logo, and colors, we have redefined our core values, our purpose, mission and vision. As the intersection brand continues to grow, we promise vision and guidance to help you get more out of commercial real estate.
What are the core values of Intersection?


We believe that everyone deserves to compete on a level playing field.


We inspire our fellow team members and work collectively in the pursuit of excellence.


We are smart enough to know that the best solution isn’t always the most obvious one.


We are keepers of valuable industry knowledge and purveyors of practical insight.


We are passionately committed to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of our goals.


We are steadfast in our commitment to protect the financial security of those we serve.

In closing, we’d like to thank our investors, clients, vendor partners and tenants for your continued business and support. Without all of you, the roads that led to Intersection would not exist. We look forward to working with you all, side-by-side, as we embrace our vision of a world in which commercial real estate enhances the human experience.

With Appreciation,

Mark Hoekstra
Managing Director

Rocco Cortese
Managing Director