written by
Natalie Baylon

The leadership spotlight is shining strong on Nicole Schuck.

Senior Real Estate Manager Nicole Schuck sat down, last month, with fellow BOMA member Michele Ignacio of A.O. Reed & Co., to discuss Nicole’s leadership within the industry. In addition to being a longtime BOMA San Diego Principal Member, she is also an amazing BOMA leader; having previously served as the Vice Chairperson to the Programs and Seminars Committee, and for the past 5 years has served on the Board as Liaison to Emerging Leaders, Programs and Seminars, and currently the Community Service Committee.

Learn more about her leadership style below:

BOMA San Diego: What sparked your interest in becoming a leader in BOMA?
Nicole: The ability to connect with people from different backgrounds (especially property managers) and have a common connection of working in our industry.

BOMA San Diego: What is your leadership philosophy?
Nicole: Try to walk a mile in a person’s shoes before you give direction or advice to someone. Poor leaders often deliver tone deaf messages to their team if they don’t understand the background of a situation or the challenges the individual is facing. Great leaders understand their team member’s journeys and the obstacles they must face.

BOMA San Diego: What are your top three strengths as a leader?
Nicole: The ability to empathize with people in any given situation. Always having a sense of humor and not to take yourself so seriously. Recognizing opportunity everywhere.

BOMA San Diego: What skills do you use most often in your leadership role in BOMA that are transferable to your career at Intersection?
Nicole: The ability to make connections and find resources through BOMA that help me for budgeting, capital projects, and professional development.

BOMA San Diego: What is the most important challenge that you’ve faced since joining our organization, and how has your experience helped you grow in your career?
Nicole: Have confidence in yourself and put yourself in situations that get you out of your shell. I used to be a very introverted and self-conscious person; every social event used to be a huge point of anxiety for me. Now I look forward to every social event and seek out people I’ve never met. That’s one of my favorite things to do at luncheons now!

BOMA San Diego:What is the one piece of advice you have for emerging professionals who are preparing to be a leader?
Nicole: #1: Life is too short to wear a boring pantsuit. #2: You may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s ok. If you feel like someone is trying to pull you away from your authentic self and shape you into something that only serves their needs, it’s time to look for other opportunities that will embrace you for being yourself.

BOMA San Diego: Who inspires you and why?
Nicole: All the BOMA ladies! There is such a great group of women in our organization that come from all walks of life that encourage and help each other. I don’t think I could have grown in my career without the amazing support of women in our organization that took me under their wing.

Thank you for being an amazing BOMA Leader Nicole!

To learn more about Real Estate Services please reach out to Nicole Schuck at nschuck@intersectioncre.com or Mark Hoekstra at mhoekstra@intersectioncre.com.

Natalie Baylon is the Marketing Coordinator at Intersection, providing strategic marketing expertise to support business objectives across company divisions. For general and marketing inquiries, please contact Natalie at nbaylon@intersectioncre.com 

written by
Autumn Valencia

Intersection is proud to announce its new offering, R&M Services


An Essential part of Intersection’s real estate platform in providing a vertically integrated operation is the Repair and Maintenance (R&M) Services division. The R&M Services division offers facilities solutions beyond the ordinary. Delivering an array of services to Intersection’s portfolio of properties, in addition to servicing the greater San Diego area. 

The division ensures that tenant satisfaction, asset preservation, safety, and curb appeal are top priorities. Intersection’s R&M technicians collaborate with property managers, brokers, and owners alike to gain a better understanding of the client’s assets. Consequently, this relationship management leads to increased efficiency and reduced risk.

Intersection R&M technicians are exemplary of the company’s core values and always Driven by Integrity. The team maintains the highest level of professionalism and takes pride in the properties they service. 

Offerings range from more specialty services like flooring, lighting, and concrete treatment to turnover repair for vacant units including patching, painting, window treatment install. R&M Services also has the ability to operate for recurring services like gardening, inspection, vandalism repair, and day porter services. 

At Intersection, we look forward to being able to offer more solutions and expand these services to the relationships we are so proud to have built. 


For more information regarding repair and maintenance services with Intersection, please contact Elaine Wolgast at 619.314.7200

written by
Emily Bane

Intersection earned the AMO® (Accredited Management Organization) accreditation from IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management). Intersection joins an exclusive group of nearly 600 real estate management companies world-wide, and an exclusive list of 17 companies in San Diego that have met the requirements to earn this distinction. 

AMOs demonstrate strong financial performance, outstanding leadership, and adhere to a Code of Professional Ethics strictly enforced by IREM to maintain integrity beyond reproach. Accreditation as an AMO requires firms to follow best practices in real estate management, demonstrating that they meet standards and functions related to operations and service. Property owners can be assured that an AMO will put their interests first.

“We have always been very focused on the value that real estate management can create for our clients and investors,” said Mark Hoekstra, Managing Director and Partner with Intersection, “The AMO accreditation affirms our commitment to providing the highest level of service in concert with our key company driver, integrity.” 

“The AMO accreditation sets the standard in property management excellence for firms of all sizes. Our AMOs lead the industry in conduct and unmatched client service,” says Chip Watts, CPM®, CCIM, IREM President-Elect, and President of Watts Realty Co., Inc., AMO®. “We congratulate Intersection on this accomplishment, and welcome them into this exclusive group of property management firms.”

For more information about the recent accreditation, arrange an interview with Mark Hoekstra, Executive CPM®, at mhoekstra@intersectioncre.com or 619-819-6114.

From left to right: Mark Hoekstra, Rounak Mofty, Orquid Schon, and Bryan Calhoun attend the AMO Luncheon in January 2020.

Emily Bane is the Marketing Coordinator at Intersection, providing strategic marketing expertise to support business objectives across company divisions. Contact Emily at 619-819-8725 or ebane@intersectioncre.com

written by
Scott Kirkpatrick

Property Managers wear their fair share of hats. No, not fedoras or sun hats —metaphorical hats. Every day, Property Managers must use their broad range of skills to face building challenges head on. Consider what happens when a light bulb burns out in a tenant’s suite. Or better yet, you might ask the question, “How many property managers does it take to change a light bulb?” How about eight:

1. One to fill out a tenant request form.

2. One to guarantee the correct indemnification language exists in the provider’s Certificate of Insurance.

3. One to negotiate a bulk purchasing deal with the supplier.

4. One to ensure an adequate number of replacement bulbs is included in next year’s budget.

5. One to verify hazardous material requirements for disposing old bulbs.

6. One to determine how much rebate money is available for installing energy efficient bulbs.

7. One to ensure the ladder used to replace the bulb is OSHA approved.

8. One to request the engineer change the bulb.

As a Property Manager, duties include everything from being an administrative professional, insurance expert, negotiator, financial advisor, hazardous waste specialist, rebate tracker, safety authority and task manager. If you think that sounds like a lot, you’re right. Luckily, Property Managers are not expected to be an expert in all of these disciplines, just generalists.
It’s no secret the role of the property manager has changed and is continually evolving. Over time, the scope has increased to include what were typically considered asset management tasks a decade ago. Consequently, this is expanding the Property Manager’s job description and forcing them to wear more and more hats.

This is why it has become imperative to stay abreast of the technological changes in building operations as well as the asset-level requirements of our clients in the areas of finance, risk management and sustainability. Visionary Christopher Lee of CEL & Associates sees it this way: “The role of the real estate manager is changing from being focused on services offered to solutions provided. Future real estate managers will shift from being gatherers of information to creators of knowledge bases and will move from being reporters of results to advisors and leaders of value creation.”

As the industry continues to demand that we master the art of multi-tasking and consequently expand our job descriptions, we may want to consider owning more than eight hats. At Intersection, our Real Estate Management professionals continually go above and beyond the norm of eight hats. With a management portfolio spread across San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and out-of-state, it is common for our management professionals to take a proactive approach in their education through professional development classes, researching industry topics, and seeking feedback from experienced leaders, striving to continually grow professionally to better support their teams and their properties. Of course, there’s always the optics: it’s just nice to be stylin’ with the right hat!

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